Qualified auditors

Lars Nyström

Certified Public Accountant, special interest tax law. MBA 1975. Employed at a major international auditing company 1976-1987, authorized 1981. Started Nyström & Partners Revision 1987.

Marie Jönsson

Certified Public Accountant, special interest accounting and Business English. MBA 1988. Worked at Nyström & Partners since 1988, Authorized 1994, partner 2005.

Cecilia Ståhl

Certified Public Accountant, special interest small business and ownership issues. MBA 1988. Employed at an international large auditing company 1988-1996, at a smaller local company from 1997to 1999. Authorized 1999. Worked at Nyström & Partners Revision since 2000, partner 2005.

Martin Bengtsson

Certified Public Accountant, special interest tax law.
Worked at Nyström & Partners Revision since 1995. Approved accountant 2001, authorized 2003, partner 2005.

Fredrik Johansson

Certified Public Accountant, special interest tax law and company development. Worked at Nyström & Partners Revision since 1995, authorized 2014.

Other personnel